Physical signs and rating of signs frequeney In Down's syndrome

نوع مقاله : پژوهشی



Down's syndrome is caused by a chromosomal defect. The child in this syndrome has 47 chromosomes with an extra chromosome in the twenty-first pair. This defect results in mental retardation and certain physical characteristics.
Children with Down's syndrome have almond-shaped eyes, round heads often flattened on the back, short necks, protruding tongues, small noses, short feet and hands with unusual configuration.
There are three types of this syndrome: Trisomy 21, Translocation and Mosaicisme.
In the present study, 100 subjects were selected randomly from the city of Tehran who were recognized to have Down's syndrome and normal children as the sample. Fifteen physical characteristics were investigated. The results showed that the highest percecntage was associated with dental anomalies in Down group.
High significant differences were found between Down's syndrome and the above mentioned physical characteristics.