Cognitive Therapy: Past, Present, and Future Aaron T. Bech

نوع مقاله : پژوهشی



Proponents of cognitive therapy have striven to establish this approach as mature system of psychotherapy for over 3 decades. The theoretical formulations have been enriched by clinical extrapolations from the neopsychoanalsysts and experimental findings from cognitive psychology. The therapeutic strategies and techniques have been refined as a result of interaction with behavior therapy, which also influenced the emphasis on emprical testing of the theoretical formulations and the therapeutic applications. Outcome trials have demonstrated efficacy in a number of common disorders. New emphasis on the crucial importance of specific formulations (especially dysfunctional beliefs) has provided important clues to the treatment of large number of other disorders.
It concluded that cognitive therapy has fulfiled the criteria of a system of psychotherapt by providing a coherent, testable theory of personality, psychopathology, and therapeutic change; a teachable and testable set of therapeutic principles, strategies and techniques that articulatd with the theory, and a body of clinical and emprical data that support the theory ane! the efficacy of the theory.