An Investigation into the Relationship Between the Human Beings with Management and the Field of Study

نوع مقاله : پژوهشی



Considering the vitaly important role a manager plays in achieving an organization's predetermined objectives, a searh for choosing the appropriate methods seems to be of major significance. In this research, the supposition is that the managers' attitudes towards human being in relation to their subjects of study at universities have significant differencese. These differences in attitudes concerning human beings have vital bearings on the kind of managerial methods the managers chooses in organizations. In order to control the disturbing causes of elements in the research, the principals of Mashhad's high schools have been focused on, of whom fifty wery chosen for different study groups such as engineering, admisitration, humanities, technology and science, and by means of two evaluation forms that were filled in by 3 principals were fundamental in determining the attitudes of principals. The data concerning managers' attitudes were analyzed. Analysis of variance, correlations, multiple range test Duncan procedure have been used.
The results revealed that there is a close relation between the subjects of the
study and the attitude.
And in this connection, the attitudes of the managers of administrative
courses concerning human being is far more optimistic in comparison to that of
As aginst this, those managers who have garduated in humanities and
theology have a more pesimistic attitudes toward humanity.
Also the relation between the managers' subjects of the study with their
method of managment and also their attitudes were indentified.